Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy December!

Happy December, Blogland!

Today has been a festive day of decorating for us. I gave my blog some holiday cheer, as you can see. We also had fun crafting some decorations for the wall above our couch. That wall has become our canvas for holiday decorations... it changes with each season. Here is what it looks like now...


What's that? You want to get a closer look at our handiwork? Okie dokie!

Here are our reindeer...


Yes, those are our feet and hands. Daddy, Tyler, Emily, and I all sat here and cut out our own hands and feet and then decorated our deer. Pretty cute, hey? :o)
(Yes, Daddy's deer has its tongue hanging out and a tag on its antler. Leave it to him to make a dead deer. lol)

Now feast your eyes on our Christmas tree...


Yep. Those are handprints. Many, many handprints. The decorations are made my Tyler and I. I especially like the little white angel near the top... Tyler made that "because Emily is an angel". Awww.

Tyler and I also cut out the paper snowflakes above the reindeer. He loved that. We've done them online HERE, but it was way cool to actually cut them and then watch them unfold. He was amazed... "you never know what its going to look like!" he said. Fun times!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our silly craftiness! If you are in MN, enjoy the SNOW!!

P.S. Tomorrow is Make Me Merry Monday!

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Miranda Buijs said...

Great decorating work..we have to start this week. In Holland we have a tradition just before Christmas so we'll have to wait till that is finished...