Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just popping in!

Hey! Just thought I would pop in and say hi to my bloggy readers!

Guess what. Its snowing. In April. I the Spring. Snow. *sigh*

Nonetheless, we got a lot accomplished today. I had been thinking of trading my Conversion Van for something smaller... an SUV or minivan. My only "beef" with this van is the parking. We live in the City and it won't fit in many of the parking garages here. So I usually have to park far away and walk. But, after thinking on it, I decided to keep it. We really want to do some traveling and camping this Summer and the big van will be comfy for that. And it really is in good shape. And we have put quite a bit of money into it, so its running great. So anyways, I decided to fix a few little things that we had been letting slide.

1) Someone stole the stereo out of it a few months ago. :( So we picked up a new one and Dave installed it for me. Its pretty cool. It even plays MP3s. I am thinking it will be fun to put some of the music we are studying in school on there to listen to in the van. Or maybe even audio books. Hmmm...

2) I bought me a card reader so that I can put MP3s on my SD Card for my stereo.

3) Dave was able to fix my cigarette lighter while he was in there. Now we can charge Nintendo DSs and cell phones! Yay!

4) New batteries for my alarm remote. To protect my new radio!

Next I need to go get my oil changed, do a tune-up... oh and Dave needs to go through the wiring and see why my dome lights don't work. Other than that a sticking a few screws in trim here and there we're good to go! I think we will be happy with the van. Especially the next time we decide to drive out to PA to visit my family! 1000 miles. One way.

So that's about it for me today.
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There will be another one within a day or two... we're going for a nature walk on Wednesday with my nature study group. So watch for that.


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Tiff said...

The stereo sound like a neat one! Ours still has a tape deck in it! That's how old our van is! But it runs and that's all that matters.