Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Not too much going on in our world today. I ran to the Sprint store to have them look at my phone... its been freezing a lot and even shutting itself off now and then. They only had one tech working and I had to leave it there for 2 hours! I was in a strange area, so I had no clue what to do with the kids for 2 hours. I spotted a Toy World and we went in there and walked around a little. I asked the girl working there if there was a park or playground anywhere close. Well! There happened to be a really nice park right out back of the mall! So we strolled around for a little over an hour then headed back over to the mall and had McDonalds. I finally got my phone back and it seems to be working. I told them I'd be back if it wasn't any better!!

I did get a layout done this morning before we left...

1-13-0 Pokemon Birthday
Page kit: Blue Bird Bliss by Purple Frog Pizzazz at Digital Scrap Garden
Fonts: Vintage Typewriter

Speaking of Digital Scrap Garden. There is some new stuff in the Garden Shop today!! Those girls are talented, I tell ya! Don't forget to keep an eye on their blogs for freebies too. The links are in my sidebar.

So we are home and settled in for the night. I plan to do some more scrapping tonight so get ready for some creations sometime tomorrow! Hope you all had a happy Saturday!

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Purple Frog said...

Isn't it nice to find a playground or a park where you don't expect one to be? It's like finding a hidden piece of chocolate when you thought it was all gone ... no, wait, that's totally different LOL ... Have a great night Sherry!