Friday, January 25, 2008

Maverick Thomas

Keep this little baby boy and his family in your thoughts and prayers, won't you? Shortly after he was born, he was lying in the hospital in a bassinet under a warmer, with an "oxygen hood" to supply extra oxygen when his bassinet started on fire.

From the Star Tribune...

"The baby boy was only 12 hours old when fire burst out in his bassinet at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids on Tuesday.

And he was only 14 hours old when he was rushed to the Hennepin County Medical Center burn unit, the youngest patient ever treated there.

By Wednesday, the boy named Maverick was in stable but critical condition with burns on 17 to 18 percent of his body, as hospital and fire department officials scrambled to find out how an accident like this could happen."

More info here.

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HolyMama! said...

i cannot even imagine how awful that must be for the parents and for that sweet boy.