Sunday, November 11, 2007

The continuing saga...

So I'm pretty sure that if something can go wrong for me, it will. I had a rough Summer and its continuing right into the Fall for me. How nice. In the last 6 months I have had 4 surgeries, blood transfusions totaling 6 units, and enough drugs to... well, alot of drugs... including antibiotics, steroids, and even Cocaine. Simple and routine procedures have just been going totally wrong on me for some reason. Last week was no exception. After spending last Saturday night in the ICU over my tooth I went to the oral surgeon and had the tooth extracted on Thursday. All went well with the surgery. EXCEPT... here we are 4 days later and my mouth is still NUMB. Can you believe it? I was a nervous wreck Friday morning when I woke up and it was still asleep. Wonderful, I thought, now they've messed something up and my mouth will be paralyzed for the rest of my life. Go figure. I was on the phone to the oral surgeon's office the moment they opened... and finally got a call back around 2:30 in the afternoon. The nurse tells me that my roots were really close to some nerves and sometimes the nerves get "bruised" during the extraction, but its temporary. Not to worry. Easy for her to say. So I ask her how long it usually lasts. Guess what? Could be a week... could be a month. So I guess I just drool away till it decides to wake up. No problem. No problem at all. Seriously though, have ya all ever heard of such a thing??

Oh yeah, I scrapbooked yesterday... I am loving this digital scrapping! So fun... and no mess!


We got a new pet yesterday too. We're accepting suggestions for names!!

11-11-07 New Hammy 1

Get ready for Make Me Merry Monday tomorrow!!!


Purple Frog said...

Oh how ADORABLE!!!! What a cute little creature! .... ummm ... names ... hmmmm ....I'm afraid that after 5 kids and several dogs, I'm all out of names! ... How about ... (gosh I'm at a loss) Beary ... as in Beary Cute? It's a teddy bear hamster right? Ok fine, so it's a stupid name :P I told you I was all outta names, didn't I?

Gina said...

My daughter suggested Tom and my son thinks you should call him Jerry. Unless it's a girl, then you should think about Lola. It's adorable!