Monday, November 12, 2007

Make me merry Monday

Its that time of week again!

Make me merry Monday badge

Play along! Please? Let's make Blogland a merry place today! Blog about what makes you merry... it could be a person, a place, a food, a thing, an event, anything! Then leave your link in my Mr. Linky here so we can all visit you and see what makes you merry! Oh, the code to add my badge to your site can be found here. Send all of your friends and family over to play along too! The more the MERRIER!

So, what makes me merry? Lets see...

I think I am leaning in the material object direction this week.
My cell phone makes me merry. I have a Treo 700p. I love my phone. It is my life. It contains my life. It holds my calendar, my address book, my checkbook, my photos... I nad GoogleMap an address with it and get driving directions... I can surf the internet with it.... I can get my email with it.... I can play really fun games with it. Its my alarm clock. Oh, and its also my telephone too!! :o)
The reason I am so into my phone this week is because it isn't working properly! Grr. It freezes and turns itself off without notice on occasion. Very frustrating. My phone and I will be visiting the Sprint store today to have it fixed or replaced. Then I will be merry again.

When my phone works properly it makes me merry.
How about you?


Anonymous said...

I think i messed's what makes me merry.......having an awesome garden gal like Sherry on our team......ummm...4 more days till Joe gets home....and Joey getting a job!!!!!

Heather said...

I already blogged. But, materialistic merry, my computer makes me merry. I love it. And my camera did make me merry, til my daughter broke it yesterday, but I'm sure my new one will make me more merry. LOL

Have a great merry Monday!

Barb said...

My Mac makes me merry. My boss gave me the morning off, that makes me merry too! I might try this on my blog tomorrow. Great idea!

Gina said...

Getting the last three DVRd episodes of House makes me merry! said...

My computer is my life...but doesn't always make me merry. I'd like to get away from it sometimes, but I can't. My work is there, my schedule is there, and it's how I stay in touch with the world. Is that bad?