Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yesterday's creations and todays blahs

Well I had a bit of a creative day yesterday. I created 2 new digital layouts using templates. I hadn't used a template before and it was sort of fun! A great way to do digital layouts if you don't have alot of time. I used Purple Frog's new Art Inspired Templates. She is offering them free on her blog. This first one is our new hamster (who still doesn't have a name, by the way). I used the New Members Kit that they are giving away FREE to everyone who joins the Digital Scrap Garden forum.

11-11-07 Hello - Whats Your Name?

And another one of my kids on Halloween. This one is made with Ladybug's Autumn Bliss kit and Purple Frog's Glitterfied Swirls.

10-28-07 We Can Do Magic

I also made myself a wallpaper for my new cell phone! I used a free kit from Raspberry Road Designs. I think it turned out cute...

Mommys Little Turkeys

In other news...

  • I feel BLAH today. I think its going to be an all-day-jammy-day.
  • The hamster is doing great. This is the third day in a row I have been handling him without him nibbling on me. Yay! Tyler still can't really hold him because he is still a bit scared and tries to bolt when he gets nervous. But he's enjoying petting him and watching him run around in his ball. We might try him out in his littlle hammy playpen one of these days.
  • Tyler is doing good in school. He's so durn smart!
  • Emily has 8 teeth now. She's ready for her first Thanksgiving dinner!! She's getting good at pulling herself up and standing on just about anything in her reach... no steps yet though.
  • My mouth is STILL NUMB. It will be a week tomorrow since they extracted the teeth. Hope it comes back to life soon.
  • Sprint replaced my phone for me on Monday... with a brand new phone that's the next step up from the one I had. I am now the owner of a Treo 755p. Yippee. It seems to be working great.

I think that's all for now! Have a great day, Blogland!!


Anonymous said...

Great layouts!!!! Get a picture of Emily trying to eat the turkey leg....My family had a tradition to always take that same photo every year...too bad I don't have them now! Hope your mouth gets to feeling better girl...see you tomorrow!

Tammy said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful full life. I love the layouts and I would've never had thought about doing one of the hampster. Cute

amy said...

congrats on the new phone - new toys are always fun!

Jamie said...

Our kiddos named our hamster 'Jingle Bell' for some reason. I have nothing to do with him- too mouse-like to me;) But I do admit he's pretty cute (when he's in his cage).