Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving FuN!

So, Wednesday night Daddy got it in his head that we should go bowling. Now, I am soooooo not a bowler... BUT my sweet little boy gave me the puppy dog eyes, so off we went to the bowling alley. Tyler had a blast and has not stopped telling me how he LOVES bowling. Tyler and Daddy bowled a game and then they talked me into bowling one with them. It wasn't too bad... I had more fun watching Tyler though.

11-21-07 Lariot Lanes11-21-07 Lariot Lanes
11-21-07 Lariot Lanes11-21-07 Lariot Lanes

I bought Tyler a Lariat Lanes t-shirt as a souvenir. He was so excited he had to put it on right then. NOW he had a "bowling shirt". THEN... then.... are you ready for this?? As we were leaving the man behind the counter gave Tyler his very own bowling pin! Can you believe it? He absolutely MADE my little boy's day. Tyler has shown everyone his pin... it holds a place of honor on the shelf right beside his bed.

11-21-07 Lariat Lanes

On to yesterday... Thanksgiving was awesome. Lots of food... lots of family... some friends... lots of fun. A friend of ours joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Afterwards he and Dave decided they would like to play pool. So we all loaded up in my van and headed to Southtown Lanes where they have pool AND bowling. We arrived and realized bowling was really expensive, so the guys played pool and Tyler, Emily, and I ate and played darts. Tyler offered Daddy a little help with pool game as well. ;)

11-22-07 Southtown Lanes11-22-Southtown Lanes
11-22-07 Southtown Lanes11-22-Southtown Lanes

An unconventional Thanksgiving... but tons of FUN!

In other news...
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Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


Victoria said...

Bowling is fun! Looks like he had a blast :)

RobinW said...

How cool is that??? I'd still love to have my own bowling pin!! Nice read Sherry!!

Purple Frog said...

How COOL is that Sherry!!!
I'm glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving :) We spent a quiet one here at home (NEVER quiet with three LITTLE kids and two big kids around!!) Talk to you soon!!!