Tuesday, November 20, 2007

OopS! Its Tuesday!

Its Tuesday. That means yesterday was Monday. You know... Make Me Merry Monday. Oops. I totally forgot. So sorry! Anyways.... I found this little graphic just now and it fits me.

I often wonder how we survived before we had computers and the internet. Its the first place I go in the morning. Its the last place I am at night. I read the newspaper here... I pay my bills here... I talk to my family and friends here... I get directions and maps to places here... I shop here... I plan our days here... I check the weather here... I school Tyler here... I scrapbook here... I work here... Pretty much everything I do at least starts here. And now I can do alot of those things with my cellphone too. Does that make me a bad person. No. A nerd maybe, but not bad. :o)

My computer makes me merry...
on Tuesday and every other day of the week.

Edited to add: If you want to post a Make Me Merry Tuesday post, go for it!! Just leave us a link in the comments for this post so we can come visit you. I promise to be on time next week.

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Anonymous said...

I love that....and how true it is.....my friends live in mine too..... :) Have a Happy Turkey Day girl....get lots of pictures of Tyler and Emily (especially eating a turkey leg!!)) :) God Bless you and yours {{HUGS}}}