Sunday, November 4, 2007

I used street drugs over the weekend

So on Friday my tooth started hurting. I knew I had a bad tooth and had put off having it extracted. I figured I should stop putting it off and called and set up an appointment with the oral surgeon on Monday (tomorrow). Friday night I felt a little swelling starting, but not bad. Saturday night I went to bed with a little swelling on the side of my cheek, but still not terrible. During the night things turned for the worse. The swelling moved over under my chin and began to block off my airway. I was having trouble swallowing and talking. So off to the ER we went. Where I had a CT scan, which confirmed that I had an abscess that was compromising my airway. I would be admitted. To decide where I would be admitted the ENT doctor needed to go down my nose with a camera to see how bad it was. So she comes in with this little bottle of stuff to numb my nose. She dips 4 long q-tips into the bottle and sticks two of them in each of my nostrils. Very fashionable. Then it happens. I glance over at the little black bottle on the counter and it is clearly marked COCAINE. Did you do a double take? Cause I sure did. "Does that bottle say COCAINE on it???" I say. "Why yes it does." says the doctor. Like its nothing. Just cocaine. No big deal. "But don't worry, its only 4% cocaine." she adds. "Well thats more than my body has ever seen!" I reply. So here I am snorting cocaine. Nice. After which I was given many many bags of Steroids intravenously. For the swelling. Cocaine and Steroids. What a weekend.
Oh by the way... I ended up spending the weekend in the ICU. For a tooth. Leave it me.

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Anonymous said...

OMG Sherry!!!! wow, you coulda been pushing up daisies....i sure am glad i made joey's appt. I hope you get to feeling better!!!!